14 Theories About What Chris Christie Was Really Thinking On Super Tuesday

RealClear Staff


Are you ok, Chris?

Forget Hillary Clinton and Donald Drumpf, Chris Christie was the REAL winner of Super Tuesday.

1. Was he secretly thinking that he's made a slight mistake?

2. Perhaps he lost a bet?

3. Was he wondering if selling his soul was REALLY worth it?

4. Was he there against his will, perhaps?

5. Blink, Governor Christie, blink!

6. Maybe there were no words in his mind at all!

7. This honestly seems like a reasonable explanation.

8. It happens to the best of us!

9. He could have just gotten lost. Really, really lost.

10. Hello darkness, my old friend.

11. Don't worry, Governor Christie. I'm sure that your constituents are going to love this!

12. Oh. Actually...about that.

13. ...Oops.

14. #FreeChrisChristie



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