Then vs. Meow: How Technology Has Changed Cats’ Lives (10+ Pics)

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We’ve all become addicted to technology. From our nonstop cell phone usage to our internet addictions, and of course the flat screen TV’s, the tablets, and soon we will be wearing Google Glass across our faces! While we certainly have changed as humans, we tend to not pay attention in the ways that animals have changed due to technology. Cats in particular.

Well it turns out cats have indeed been affected by the digital environment, big time! You are about to see various examples of how the feline world has been adopting to our technological “advances.” While our behavior is becoming more and more “cyborg-like”, it turns out cats our also becoming confused on what is real and what is digital. Suddenly birds out the window can now be seen on computer screens. Balls of yarn become obsolete and are replaced by tangled up computer cords! A mouse is no longer things that come out of tiny holes in the wall, they are things attached to our computers! Cat’s our losing their collective identity with all this madness! Check out these hilarious effects of technology as experienced through cats!

#1 Sitting on TV

#2 Intruding Human Personal Space

#3 Getting Warm

#4 Hunting

#5 Bird Watching

#6 Getting Tangled

#7 Fishing

#8 Catception

#9 Dating

#10 Playing



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