Baby-Photo Fails That Had Us Falling Over Laughing!

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     Pinterest is packed with pictures that inspire everyone. However, we never think of the hard work, cyber skill and just plain luck that go into these illustrious images until we try to do it ourselves. That’s when we learn it’s not actually that easy to obtain an optically awesome outcome.

Get a gander at these photos from folks trying to take pictures of their toddlers. Bored Panda compiled pics of newborns in a “natural” state. You’ll soon see it’s quite complicated for kids to cooperate when parents want a pleasing picture.

#1: Baby With Balloons. Perfect.

#2 Baby Girl Sleeping In Gumballs. Great.

#3 Pumpkin Surprise. Cuteness.


#4 Father With Baby In Fold. Fantastic.

[Photo: Kirsty Grant]

#5 Mother-Daughter Duo. Dynamite!

#6 The Box Baby. Beautiful.


#7 The Stack of Sweetness. Superb.


#8 Hands Under Chin. Heavenly.

#9 Santa’s Little Helpers. Oh, so sweet.


#10 Heaven In A Hammock. Hallelujah...

[Photo: AMM08]

#11 Fast Asleep On Fur. Unforgettable.

#12 Keep On Truckin’. Too Cute.

#13 Baby Blanket Bingo. Bravo!

[Photo: Arayvenn]

#14 The Joy of Children. Champs.

[Photo: StaciZohlenPhotography, Jamilia Jean]

#15 Family Photo. Fun.




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