Someone Tried Slamming Wendy's on Twitter. Wendy Struck Back So Hilariously Hard They Deleted Their Account!

RealClear Staff


Pretty Normal Tweet by Wendy's, right?

When "Thuggy-D" Tried Burning Them, The Red-Headed Restaurateur Came Back

Then, He Swung Back as Only a Guy Named "Thuggy-D" Can

That's When Wendy Began Showing Off Her Expert Trolling Abilities

Oh, Thuggy, Just Stop...

And Then Wendy Brought the Guillotine Down

Seriously, according to sources the guy actually shut down his account shortly after this roasting. 

R.I.P. Thuggy-D.

That Exchange was Retweeted 26,000 Times! Then Others Wanted In and Wendy Was Happy to Oblige!

Suddenly, Wendy Has Become Our Internet Hero. Bravo!



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