These Parents Talking To Their Kids About Periods Is Awkward, Educational, And HILARIOUS

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"So do you light this like a stick of dynamite or...?"

A woman's menstruation cycle can be an awkward subject to discuss with your kids, to say the least. Most of us have probably been mentally preparing to discuss "The birds and the bees" with our current/future children for our entire lives, yet many of us likely weren't planning a speech on periods.

Luckily, Cut Video has provided all parents with some basic guidelines on how to approach the subject, essentially through trial and error. Watching these parents attempt to have an honest, open conversation with their children about "that time of the month" is not only enlightening, it's incredibly endearing.

The kids aren't the only ones with things to learn! it turns out that even adults don't have a solid grasp of tinier, more intimate details of the menstrual cycle. Maybe you'll even learn a couple things by watching the video below! At the very least, you're in for a good laugh.


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