What If Those 'Real People, Not Paid Actors' Commercials ACTUALLY used Real People?

RealClear Staff


We've all seen your "Emoji" ads, Chevy. And we all hate them!

Maybe I'm in the minority here, but I truly could not care less about the inclusion of paid actors in commercials in order for companies to get their points across. 'Real people' (who I don't believe aren't getting paid for this anyway) are usually brought in to give credit to the authenticity of whatever message you're being sold, and it's infuriating. The latest Chevrolet "Emoji" Ad is living proof.

While I may be in the minority, I'm certainly not alone in my thinking! YouTuber Zebra Corner recently uploaded a parody video mocking the inauthenticity of Chevy's totally real subjects who definitely aren't actors playing characters written to be quirky. The result is blunt, witty, and nothing short of flawless.


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