Sean Spicer Retweets Onion Article Praising Him; Apparently Doesn't Know What 'The Onion' Is

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So...who wants to be the one to tell him?

The Trump Administration is...unconventional to say the least. People are being put in charge of organizations they're actively suing, freezes on federal hiring have been implemented, and media relations have hit an unprecedented low. In fact, it's probably due to that last point that Sean Spicer, the current White House Communications Director, was so willing to praise any headline that painted him in a positive light. 

Unfortunately, it doesn't seem as though he looked to closely at who published the article in the first place. In fact, it doesn't even seem that he read the entire title!

Can you say "awkward"?

The title commends Spicer's role in the Trump Administration, which is to "provide to the American public with robust and clearly articulated misinformation." Spicer took to his personal Twitter account to spread the seemingly complimentary story to his followers. Spicer, who has slammed the media for being "too negative," was probably just elated that something that vaguely resembled praised actually came his way!

A strong proponent of "alternative facts," Spicer may actually be making some sort of tongue-in-cheek joke by publicly declaring his admiration for the parody site. That, or his reading comprehension skills had a momentary lapse in performance. Who knows?

You can see the full tweet from The Onion below.


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