Inside The Wonderfully Weird Reasons Why So Many Cartoon Characters Usually Wear Gloves

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MIckey Mouse, Goofy, Bugs Bunny...what's with all of the gloves, people!?

It's a question that (and occasionally even cartoon characters themselves), have been pondering for years and years. Just picture your favorite cartoon character from yesteryear - there's an incredibly high chance that they're rocking a pair of white gloves. Coincidence? Hardly.

It turns out that there a variety of justifications as to why your favorite anthropomorphized mouse and all of his friends always have a pair of gloves on-hand (literally). Animating individual fingers circa 1920 was an absolute nightmare, for starters. The creation of hand-drawn cartoons was an arduous process! Would you want to deal with it?

There were also concerns over how realistic animal hands would play out on screen. Could you imagine loving Mickey Mouse if he had a scraggly pair of mouse paws? I wouldn't. 

The video below provides a better description than I ever could. Learn about the surprisingly interesting history of animated gloves in just 5 minutes! You never know when you'll need this vital information for a trivia night.


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