Gordon Ramsay Challenges A Random Guy To Keep Up With Him - It's A Hilarious Disaster!

RealClear Staff


Well I burned spaghetti last week. I guess I'm ready to take on Gordon Ramsay!

Masterful, quick-witted chef Gordon Ramsay is taking on his most difficult task yet - teaching random amateur cooks how to prepare an exquisite, delicious dish in just 15 minutes. Today's lesson: Crab cakes!

You'd think that step-by-step directions from one of the most well known chefs in the entire world would allow Shane, the fledgling cook in the video, to really flourish and create a dish that he'd otherwise be incapable of. You'd think wrong! Not even constant verbal guidance from everyone's favorite swearing chef is enough to kick Shane's skills up another notch.

Fortunately for us, Gordon Ramsay is making his own version of the dish the entire time. Will the challenger's crab cakes resemble anything on Gordon's plate? I wouldn't count on it. Watch below to see just how far off the mark Shane was.


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