He Had A Crappy Concert Seat. With A Quick Wikipedia Edit, He Became A VIP

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His ingenious trick landed him much better seats, an NPR interview and instant social media celebrity.

Sob Story

It's happened to everyone before. You're at the concert with the music blazing, there are people everywhere...and you can't see a darned thing. This was the story for one teenager in the U.K.

Changing Fate

Adam Boyd had tickets to see The Sherlocks, a British rock band, but his seats were absolutely terrible. That's when he got a flash of inspiration -- and got out his smartphone. A few minutes later, Adam Boyd was the lead singer's cousin. He even inspired the band's first single, "Live For The Moment." 

VIP Experience

After editing the band's Wikipedia page to reflect all this new information, Adam Boyd got himself a VIP seat and a much better view of the concert. In England, that's known as being cheeky. Adam's story quickly became international news. And even if he didn't actually inspire "Live For The Moment," it's clear that Adam totally embraces the message of the song. Isn't that what any band wants from a fan? 

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