Texans: Please Figure Out What Your State Flag Looks Like, Already

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People in Texas are having so much trouble telling their own flag apart from the national flag of Chile, one State Representative is using legislation to solve the problem.

The State Flag of Texas

Tom Oliverson, Texas State Representative, describes his new resolution as both light-hearted and serious, because this is seriously becoming a problem. Texans are quite frequently using the wrong emoji -- actually, an image of the Chilean flag -- when they talk about Texas pride. One assumes they mean to use the Texas flag emoji...and just don't know what it looks like.

That National Flag of Chile

As for the legislation Oliverson is introducing, he says "I designed it to be educational, kind of like a public service announcement." There are no official laws imposed on the resolution, which states that the Chilean flag is "a nice flag," but can't "in any way compare to, or be substituted for, the official state flag of Texas." 

Flag Emojis

You can find the Chilean flag on the standard emoji set. You will not find the Texas state flag in this set. And while Oliverson has taken some heat on social media for his emoji resolution, he's already pleased with the results. "Even if the legislature decides not to hear it, we have achieved our objectives," he said.

There are clear similarities between the state flag of Texas and the national flag of Chile -- but there are some clear differences as well. Do you think you'll remember which is which? Share this story, and help clear up all this flag confusion!



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