20th Century Ads That Extol the Health Benefits of Tobacco and Alcohol

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Turns out at one time smoking and drinking were a part of a balanced diet! Some of these ads you just won't believe were real.

1. Did Ya Know 4 Out of 5 Doctors Recommend Smoking Camels?

2. However, Dentists Prefer Viceroys

3. Say 'Ahhhhh!!!!'

4. Well, There Ya Go

5. Who Needs a Flu Shot?

6. Mother's Little Helper: Blatz Beer!

7. Magical Thinking

8. The Original Marlboro Man? Wow...

9. When Your Headache Is Gone and You Want to Ride on...

10. Lucky Strikes Apparently Are Waterproof

11. Hmmm ... You Won't Find Guinness at a GNC

12. Are These the Scientists Who Deny Climate Change?

13. No Cigarette Hangover!

14. The Flintstones Like Winston

Video Bonus: Compilation of TV Commercials from the '50's and '60's

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