Want To Own FDR, JFK Or Abe Lincoln? All 44 Presidents Are Up For Sale

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After 60 years, a famous wax museum that houses replicas of all 44 Presidents is closing its doors. So would you like to buy your own Barack Obama, or what?

Presidents and First Ladies

The Hall of Presidents and First Ladies Museum closed its doors last November after 60 years, and now the entire collection is up for sale

All the Presidents are life-sized, so the possibilities are endless. The First Ladies are all one-third to scale, for reasons unknown, so you can own your own mini Jackie Kennedy, Dolly Madison or even Martha Washington. 

Get the Set

The Hall of Presidents and First Ladies is the only complete wax collection of all the American Presidents and their First Ladies. All the First Ladies are wearing their inaugural gowns, and all have been created with the hairstyles they wore during their respective Presidential inaugurations.

The museum will host a special preview of all the figures on January 8 and 12, so potential buyers can get a gander at all the former leaders of the free world. A public auction will take place on January 14. Interested buyers should contact the PA Onsite Auction Company. 

Who Would You Pick?

Now that the holiday decorations have been taken down, doesn't your front window look a little empty? Why not fill the spot with Teddy Roosevelt, Richard Nixon or George W. Bush? 

Which President would you buy -- and what would you do with him? Share your answer when you share this story on Facebook!



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