The Singing Runway Once Took Planes Straight To Disney's Magic Kingdom

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And to this day, if you can manage to get to the runway and drive fast enough on it, you will hear it sing.

The Magic Runway

It was really only in use for a very short period of time, but the Singing Runway was a truly magical experience...while it lasted. Built sometime around 1970 or 1971, it was shut down as early as 1971 or 1972 -- depending on who you ask.

The Singing Runway was and still is the only runway that ever provided direct access to planes that used to fly right over the Magic Kingdom at Disney World. It's still owned by the park, and still used for parking and storage. 

Finding the Secret

Go to the Magic Kingdom parking area, and turn right under the monorail before you enter the lot itself. This is where you'll find the hidden Singing Runway, which was used at one time to train bus drivers who would be working inside the park. Back then, it gave the trainees a little surprise and a little touch of that Disney magic when the runway began to sing. They weren't warned beforehand.

Thanks to a set of grooves built into the runway itself, when you drive at around 45 mph you will actually hear "When You Wish Upon a Star," that famous Disney tune that is still used at the beginning of all the studio's motion pictures.

The Past is Past

Planes, however, can never use this runway again. The monorail was extended over part of the runway that now makes landing here suicidally dangerous. Even Mickey Mouse One, the plane used by none other than Walt Disney himself, could not land here after the monorail track extension was placed.

Today, Disney World has shuttle service and all sorts of travel options to get you to the park from the Orlando International Airport. But these days, that's about as close as you can fly a plane to the park. Share this story, and this little piece of the past, with all the Disney lovers you know!



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