He's Not A Brewer, But Beer Is Still His Life's Work

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Steve Lozar's interest in beer has become an entire lifestyle and a career path, even though he's not a brewer himself.

Beer in the Blood

"I grew up always around beer," says Steve Lozar. He's known as Montana's beer historian, and he knows more about beer than just about anybody -- brewers included. Today, he runs a print shop that has its own bar, and it's fine for employees to enjoy a beer or two while on the clock.

Beer Stuff

His collection began simply enough, with a few beer promotional items. Today, Steve Lozar has an entire museum of beer-related items. He has pens, hand brooms, thermometers, posters, cans, bottles -- if it's related to beer, he's probably got it. He has so much stuff, he can't display it all it once. The memorabilia he puts on display is rotated so he can show off all the pieces in the collection. He has more than 5,000 items total, some dating back over 100 years.

A History of Beer

But Lozar isn't just a beer enthusiast and collector. He's also a beer historian, and he's put many hours of research into documenting beer history in his home state of Montana. He's put many pieces of this unique chapter of Montana history on display at the Montana Brewery Museum. There's no charge to attend the museum. Lozar is happy to share his collection with anyone who loves beer and history.

A Life with Beer

Lozar spends  a little time every day on documenting Montana's beer history, knowledge he plans to share in the another way as well. He's currently working on a book, a project that has taken up the last 7 years of his life. "A Brewing History of Montana" could be available as early as next fall, for other beer enthusiasts and history buffs out there.

His love of beer didn't lead him into brewing his own craft blends, but it did lead him to find other ways to share that love with others. Share his story, and then go share a beer with a friend!



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