She DOES Think This Tractor's Sexy: 1957 Lamborghini Goes On Sale

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And it can be yours for just a little under $28,000. There's just one drawback: you probably won't want to use it on the farm. After all, it IS a Lamborghini.

DLA 35

This is the incredible DLA 35 tractor, built in 1957. And yes, it's a Lamborghini -- an incredibly rare one. This tractor is one of only 117 built by Lamborghini Trattori, and it's on sale for $27,480.

It has a 2,200cc Lamborghini engine and 36 brake horsepower. This particular tractor was restored in 2016, and it's probably the most affordable Lambo you're going to find anywhere. It's been painted in the original orange and blue that it was issued in. The top speed is right around 15 mph, certainly not what you expect in a Lamborghini.

A Tradition of Tractors

And while it seems a little laughable now, it makes perfect sense to those who are well-acquainted with Lamborghini history. The first Lamborghini shop was a repair joint in Italy, servicing motorcycles and small cars. In the 1950s, Lamborghini Trattori was the second-biggest maker of agricultural equipment in Italy. 

It's going up for auction today, so one lucky owner will soon add this rare machine to their collection. Would you like to buy it? Share why or why not when you share this story!



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