11 Unexpectedly Wild Kim Jong-un Haircuts to Choose From

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North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has been a fixture in the media lately. More specifically, his hair has been making the rounds online and on television. One London salon was harassed by the North Korean embassy for poking fun at his coiffure. This, seemingly, is a response to the news that all male students in Upper Korea must get a haircut similar to Kim Jong-un. Seriously, the BBC says it’s a law

To be fair, however, students are allowed to style their locks into any one of 11 unique and wild cuts from Kim’s life. Korean youths are allowed to pick from:  

The Old Fashioned

The Prince of Pyongyang

The Casual Friday

The Grunge Look

The 'Ugh, Don't Look at Me Today, I'm Hideous'

The Fabio

The Business in the Front, Business in the Back

The John Wayne

The Rastafarian

The Spring Look

The King of Rock 'n' Roll

Of course, these are just a small sampling of Un's imaginary hairdoos. What are some of your favorites? 



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