13 Hilariously Bizarre (But Real!) Times Costco Went Too Far

RealClear Staff


Costco lives by the idea of bigger being better. Sometimes that is true. But sometimes, it's just bizarre. 

Really, who needs five pounds of Nutella? (Okay, actually, that's a good problem to have.)

1. One of These a Day Will Keep a Platoon of Doctors Away

2. That's so Big it Could Actually be Real Elephant

3. Doubles as a Cot

4. And If Your Cot Needs a Pillow...

5. We're Hoping It's a Chocolate Baseball Bat

6. Good Thing They Double as Kettlebells

7. Kiss Your Stomach Lining Goodbye

8. Movie Tickets or a Novel About Movie Tickets, You Decide

9. Note to Self: Never Drink Something Taller Than You

10. It Takes a Year to Go Through One Little Bear...

11. Good for a Really Long Movie or Three

12. Popeye Would Be Proud

13. Coming Soon: Bigger Carts for Bear Lovers

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