16 Lawyers You Should Never Ever Call No Matter How Much Trouble You're In

RealClear Staff


Better Call Saul? Breaking Bad's Saul Goodman looks downright tame compared to some of these real attorney ads. 

1. Just Wait for Double Coupon Day

2. We Had to Do Some Research, But YES!!!! This Guy is For Real!!!

3. Larry, You Have a Future in Politics

4. Ever Consulted a Marketing Agency?

5. This Seems Legit

6. Half the Price, A Quarter of the Talent

7. Abracadabra...You're Still in Jail

8. Those Dogs Do Look Pretty Smart

9. With a Phone Number Like That He Has to Be Good

10. I Am Also in the Market for a Good Belt Buckle

11. Gary...We Have an Awful Lot of Things to Ask

12. Stunningly, This is a Real Lawyer and Not an SNL Skit

13. "If you've been killed in an accident...call me from the grave"

14. Mixed Messages

15. This Guy is Filled with Rage...FOR YOU!

16. Hard to Believe That Web Site Wasn't Taken



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