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     Facebookanalityfleekcray and tiggity are just some of the infinitely many entries found in "Urban Dictionary." In 2014, the Associated Press added "selfie” to their stylebook. Recently, the "Oxford English Dictionary" made some surprising additions of their own—re: glampstarchitect and starter marriage are among them. Many of these words seem like they would’ve been invented by teenagers—or pre-teens!


Yes, throughout history, many slang words have been officially inducted into English dictionaries. Many argue that American English is a “bastardized language,” which gives them a loophole to worsen it with post-modern blatherskite. However, it seems people don’t know when to leave well enough alone. Further, if the aforementioned isn’t part of your repertoire, you may be accused of being an old bore—or even ill cultured!

Thanks to a lower-standards society, there are now terms for luxurious camping, celebrity architects and doomed-to-fail marriages. (Look out, your matrimonial dreams might be just a practice round for someone else!) There’s no longer a need to organize thoughts into sensible, verbal syntax when some thought-to-be-clever made-up term or phrase will suffice. 

Somewhere along the lines, grammarians became too lenient with pop-culture lingo. Being cool precedes competence—everyone wants to be hip. Society’s slowly but surely working its way to being the real “Idiocracy.” Yes, one day, a doctor’s diagnosis will simply be “Your shit’s all retarded.” But don’t worry; it won’t happen within your life time—or will it? 



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