Be One Of The First To Proudly Pose In What Appears To Be A Lisa Frank-Hair-Metal-Fashion Lovechild!

RealClear Staff


     For many, Lisa Frank echoes a vibrant line of yesteryear’s everyday school supplies. Eighties and ’90s grade-school girls carried their brightly colored academic arsenal with pride. (Guys may recall being blinded by hyper hued folders, notepads, Trapper Keepers, backpacks, pencils, stickers, etc.) Ms. Frank had her hands in almost every educational item needed to store those passed-in-class notes (“check box for ‘yes’ or ‘no’”) and homework.

Alas, time went on. Adulthood took precedence, and those magical materials may as well have been considered kaleidoscopic contraband—until now! Possibly inspired by eighties-hair-metal bands, Lisa Frank has rolled out a line of illustrious linens. Now, mothers and daughters alike can come together in fashionable fabulousness.


Why pine over nostalgic notepads when you can wear clothes that will blind the best of them. (Hyper Color has nothing on these bad girls.) Perpetuate that retro look—Lisa Frank style! (Be sure to share this with friends, so Frank’s rainbow regime will rise in full effect!) 



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