A Rude Son Refused To Eat His Dinner. So Dad Taught Him A Great Lesson! I Can’t Stop Laughing!

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As the world becomes more interconnected through social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter many of us are spending a lot more time staring at a phone screen as opposed to those right in front of us.

I find myself doing that as well and one can say that the world is becoming more anti-social. 

And yes, I agree that social media is making us more anti-social especially this upcoming generation but I also think that there are ways to balance off your life to get the benefits of both worlds.

Staring into a phone is important and talking to the people in front of you is also important but overdoing the both can lead to some issues.

In the video above we meet a couple kids who have a hard time balancing the both worlds but their dad executes a master plan that taught them all a big lesson in communication. Check it out!!!



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