Dear Phone Sex Fans: Leave Ireland Alone!

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If you don't already know that the peaceful village of Westport, Ireland and the British phone sex porn site Babe Station have the same exchange, it's only because you don't live there. Every other resident of Westport is very painfully aware of what they have in common with Babe Station.

Welcome to Westport

Phone numbers in Westport start with 098, the same three numbers that begin phone lines for Babe Station. Misdialers and Irish residents who forget to dial the British international code end up calling residents of Westport instead -- often late at night, and usually saying things that the people of Westport might be a bit shocked to hear.

Irish officials have asked Babe Station if they'd be up for changing their phone numbers, but they have no legal authority to compel the British website to do so. Michael O'Keefe, Broadcasting Authority of Ireland's chief executive, is lobbying lawmakers in the U.K. to try and get some relief for the put-upon Westport, Ireland residents.

Dialing Babes

Meanwhile, remember to always double-check the number you're dialing. You never know who's going to be at the other end of the phone! Share this story, and this important warning, with all your friends.



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