25 Photos Proving That Timing Is Literally Everything

RealClear Staff


Say cheese!

The well-timed snap of a lens can turn the mundane into the hilariously extraordinary. These perfect pictures are proof!

1. Sparks everywhere!

2. Just a picture of an eye. Or is it?

3. Does this make him king of the court?

4. Suddenly a squirrel out of nowhere!

5. (Sound) Barriers were meant to be broken.

6. Just the President holding the Sun in his hands. No big deal.

7. Though holding it on your foot may be more impressive.

8. Who knew that gymnastics could be such a violent sport?

9. Come on, Buddha! That's not a toy!

10. What is it with things trying to grab planes all of a sudden?

11. If only this had been snapped 1 second later.

12. R.I.P. to the leprechaun that lived there.

13. Occasionally, groups of animals will form something greater.

14. Aren't birds majestic?

15. Did I say majestic? I meant evil.

16. Ouch! That looks painful.

17. But not as painful as this.

18. Or...this.

19. Surely there's a more efficient way to move that?

20. This is why you don't come between a dog and their food.

21. Apparently there's a person in this photo...

22. There's probably witty political commentary here somewhere...

23. It's too bad that I'm not clever enough to see it.

24. Well...we are supposed to emulate Jesus, aren't we?

25. Let's end on a truly 'Murican note.



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