Bus Driver Notices Strange Passenger And Child, Then He Sees The Terrifying Truth.

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Heroes come in all shapes and sizes. Some wear fancy underwear and waltz around in colorful capes while others simply drive buses like Tim Watson, who single-handedly proved that you don't need superpowers to be a hero.

When a 3-year-old boy was reported missing from a library outside San Francisco, Watson noticed that one of the kids on his bus matched the victim’s description perfectly. He noticed that the little kid was crying and the man next to him was behaving very suspiciously. These social cues solidified his impulse to do something, especially as a parent.

Watson came up with a brilliant plan to turn the suspect over to the authorities, but he had to be careful in order to avoid alerting the suspect, otherwise he could have easily escaped with the little boy. He discretely contacted the authorities and when the bus arrived at the station, police officers were waiting.

When Tim learned the truth — that this was indeed an abduction and his instincts were spot-on — he broke down. “This could have been my child that was abducted… I feel I did what any father would do.”

Hats off to Tim and his heroism. I think everyone should know about this great man. But knowing about him just isn't enough. We should all learn from him and take pattern of his actions because if we do, there will be a lot more bad guys in jail. If Tim Watson had thrown a blind eye to the situation who knew what could have happened to that little boy. Thank goodness that he didn't.

Bus Driver Hailed A Hero For Stopping A Child Abduction In Action


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