This Rock Musician/Artist Amazingly Became The Co-Founder Of Well-Known Children's Products!

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     Neil Grimmer performed in a band called Paxston Quiggly. Back in the ’90s, the group achieved status in the Hardcore and Punk scenes—they even played NorCal’s famous Gilman Street club. Grimmer was an art-school student at California College of the Arts then but went on to attend Stanford University!

[Paxston Quiggly's 1992 performance at Gilman Street club.] 

In 2007, with like-minded parents, Grimmer co-founded Plum Organics—an innovative company dedicated to children’s health and nutrition. Since 2013, he has been a board member of some big entities including Zarbee’s Naturals, Yes To Inc., and his undergrad school. The most refreshing thing is Grimmer doesn’t have a traditional-business background, yet many companies want to work with him!


[Source: Google images]

How does a musician achieve such successes? Grimmer relates it all back to his roots in punk music and art. He celebrates and embraces being an outsider. According to him, there are multiple connections between punk music and progressive business

More, Neil believes in being customer-service oriented unlike most companies, which are more focused on profiting off people. Much like punk music, entrepreneurs must take a stand and attract like-minded folks, put the word out to groups who would be interested in that idea and/or mission. He also disagrees with business not having any feelings. Connect with people on a personal level, speak to their emotions and be yourself—even if it’s very unconventional (e.g., tattered jeans and a t-shirt). Let that creative spark shine bright, hire people with original thought and looks—an eclectic group is an effective outfit. When all together, unity will go great lengths when being of service to others.

[Source: Google images]

By staying true and finding the willingness to never give up, anything is possible. 



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