“He’s Singing Like His Life Depends On It...Hear The Freedom In His Voice.”

RealClear Staff


That’s what Jett Williams said when interviewed on her father, Hank Williams Sr. He probably did, as the late Mr. Hank Williams’s personal struggles fueled his professional career—an unfortunately symbiotic situation. However, his songs spoke to millions of people looking for an emotional outlet—the words resonated with folks who were experiencing love, loss, and life struggles. Williams pushed on, putting his entire soul into his music. Bottom after bottom, he kept going until his heart literally gave out on him.


[Circa 1940 in Nashville, Tennessee. Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images]

His music continues to be a gospel for many—a release from woes and sorrows. Somewhere in that empathy, there’s a solace—if only for a short time. He was (and still is) the most influential Country & Western singer of the 20th century—ever.

If you’re experiencing true heartache (of any kind), let Hank Sr. take the pain away...




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