Helpless Wild Horse Was In Chains For Years. Watch How She Greets Her Rescuer… AMAZING!

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Believe it or not, wild horses bound by chains are not uncommon in many rural areas of Romania. They are a preventive measure to keep the animals from escaping back into the wild. Very harsh, and very sad.

One such horse was found by Ovidiu, who is a veterinarian that works with Four Paws, an international animal aid group. This particular horse had actually been wearing the chains for many years. You can totally tell the toll these horrible chains were taking on the poor horse. Because as soon as they released the chains from him, the horse becomes forever grateful and definitely shows it. Very shocking to the rescuers and it really speaks volumes on how horrific those chains must have felt on the horse.  Watch how he responds. Really amazing and a true display of genuine gratitude!

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