Both Parents Are Almost Six Foot Tall. But When They Had A Baby, They Didn’t Expect This Surprise.

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Jaime Jenkins, along with partner Jakob Lang, both from Sydney, Australia, were about to have their first child together. It was during the 12th week, where the ultrasound revealed something. It was unclear what exactly was the issue, but something wasn’t right. So the would-be parents had to plan for a future that was uncertain, as they didn’t know what exactly was going on with their soon to be daughter.

Finally, a few weeks before birth, doctors talked with Jamie regarding what they believe was happening. Turns out the baby had not grown any lung tissue. She should terminate the pregnancy they advised.

Not an easy thing to do, nor an option, as the mother relays:

“I could feel her kicking and we’d already named her, there was no way I couldn’t give her a chance at life.”

Little Helena arrived, but the new parents knew that they would likely soon have to say goodbye to her due to her condition and the doctors informing them that there was simply no chance of survival. Then something happened. Helena became stronger. The doctors were shocked. It would be six weeks later when Helene’s true condition would be revealed. It was an extremely rare form of dwarfism.

Nevertheless, while Helena escaped death three times, she had to spend her first three months in the hospital, and has had to endure numerous operations. Her parents figured out how to care for her in the special way which was required.

Turns out, both of the parents happened to carry the same rare gene for dwarfism. This seemed odd, as both parents were nearly 6 foot in height!

“Thumbelina” was the nickname they gave their sweet little daughter. Having more children is uncertain at this point as a one in three chance for having kids with the same disorder exists.

The little girl wears fairy and princess dresses in order to balance out her way of life, adding some joy and fun amidst the many examinations she has to go through.

She is always smiling and even has her first gig as a model! Helena just turned one as well!

The parents have decided to share their story and the difficult nature of the situation with everyone on social media. Here’s what they had to say:

“Helena has already amazed us in so many ways, she’s a real little miracle and I hope our story helps other parents who are facing the same situation.”

She’s required to go the hospital twice a month, but her life outside of exams is as joyous as the parents can make it. Maybe her modeling career will continue as she certainly is super cute! Here’s to Helena and her parents for all the challenges they face, yet all the joyous moments they get to experience with their wonderful little girl!



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