Would You Take “Emotional Advice” From An 11-Year-Old Kid?

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     If you ever find yourself in NYC soon, consider taking a trip to the underground subway—Bedford L station to be exact. There you might find 11-year-old Ciro Ortiz, who offers “emotional advice” to passersby—people actually hit him up!

[New York City | Photo: AP/John Manchillo]

Everyone needs to bend another’s ear every now and then, but many simply are without money for professional help. However, Ciro’s here to save the day! It all started when the kid realized his family wasn’t exactly killing it in terms of cash flow.

“I don’t make much money,” Ciro’s dad, Adam, said. “One night he was just inspired to try an idea of how he could make his own. I was supportive of the idea; and the next day, we went into Williamsburg and set up the stand on the street.”

So every Sunday, Ciro sets up shop for about two hours down in the Bedford stop. With his handy-dandy card table and “billboard,” he sits patiently, awaiting anyone in need of emotional advice. Each “client” pays him two dollars then talks about anything from relationships to careers to Donald Trump—yeah, he’ll offer alleviation from political stress. For an 11-year-old, Ciro’s making serious strides.

While he’ll make a fast $50 on a good day, it’s not quick cash that motivates this kid. This seemingly stress-relieving short stack was bullied in the past. His own issues inspired and ultimately ignited an entrepreneurial spirit within. Rather than peddling pastries, singing songs or even the ever-loveable lemonade stand, Ciro chose to be of service to others, which incidentally is paying off for him.

[Oriz in action | Photo: @emotionaladvicekid/Instagram]

Not only is he readily available, apparently he’s aces at his “job.” “Somebody came up to us and said that what he told her is what she’d been feeling in her gut that whole time,” Ciro’s father said. Sure, he was a bit nervous and not quite confident at first; but being out in the field has helped him get his grounding.

His mother, Jasmine, recalled him often coming home from an honest day’s work and saying, “I’ve met so many wonderful people. I’m gonna end up having so many friends.”

“People ask about their relationships, about being confused in what to do with their life, or […] Donald Trump,” Ciro said in an interview. “I just tell them to look at the simplicity of their problem—to just find the simple answer, what do they NEED and the answer is usually simple.”

[Photo: @emotionaladvicekid/Instagram]

More, the pint-sized “psychiatrist” is picking up on a pattern—people can’t kick it outside their comfort zone (change is a challenge for them). “They feel a certain way in the past; and when they look [back] in hindsight, they say things were so much better back then,” Ciro said. “We have to accept [change]. It’s going to happen—it’s always going to happen. Life is always changing.”

For those who may be baffled at how an 11-year-old became so insightful, Ciro said his pearls of wisdom are from his parents, who have always imparted kindness and support onto him—and to pursue his dreams. He only wishes to spread the wealth.

See more of Ciro on his Instagram page: @emotionaladvicekid.

[Photo: @emotionaladvicekid/Instagram]



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