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Making others smile is the oldest form of charity in the books. You may not be able to give everyone a million dollars but giving them a heartfelt reason to smile can work wonders. For one construction worker named Josh Haney in South Bend, Indiana, it's all about putting smiles on the faces of the kids at the Memorial Children’s Hospital.

Every morning, Haney works on a new wing for the children hospital. But to try and give more to the patients, he hides an 8-foot-tall character in a different location of the construction site he works on. The kids at hospital now look forward to rushing over to the window to try to spot Waldo!

“I’ve been watching the kids run over to the window and look out for Waldo,” said Heidi Prescott, the media relations specialist for the children’s hospital.

“On a daily basis, our pediatric stations, they look forward to going to the windows in their playrooms in their unit to try to figure out “Where’s Waldo?” It usually only takes a few minutes before they see him peering out of the big scaffolding, but it truly brightens their day.”

The idea first came to Haney when he decided to build a snowman on the construction site for the kids to enjoy.

“It was a huge hit,” he said. “After that, it didn’t snow as much so the construction management team got some inflatable snowmen and an inflatable Sponge Bob, so I went over there and put that up. They lit up at night and would wave in the wind. As I was tying it down, one of the electricians was like, ‘It would be kind of funny if there was a ‘Where’s Waldo?’”

He then spent some time putting together a new Waldo themed character with red and white stripes. His teenager daughter helped along the way.

The real life ‘Where’s Waldo?’ game has become a hug hit with the kids of the children’s hospital and Haney even created a Facebook page so that people can upload photos when they find him.

“That’s my way of finding out if they’ve found it,” Haney said.

According to Prescott, the game is a great way to bring some life back into hopsital.

“This construction foreman is really touching lives,” said Prescott. “He’s really bringing this character to life for them and it’s so recognizable, it just makes them forget all their worries and their pain for a few minutes, which is tremendous.”

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