He Took Progress Pictures Every Day During His Weight Loss Journey - The Final Side-By-Side Blew My Mind!

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What's his secret? Diet? Exercise? Magic!?

By far the most difficult thing about losing weight is the inability to see immediate results. We're humans living in the modern world, after all! If we don't instant validation or satisfaction, it's pretty much in our nature to abandon our ambitions within about 5 minutes. I get frustrated with weight loss for the same reasons I get annoyed at the DMV: I would rather die than wait more than 23 minute waiting for something to happen.

Fortunately, this YouTuber has far more patience than I do. Presumably in search of a change, Isou Dw decided to drop the extra pounds that he'd accumulated in his life. To get a proper feel for the dramatic changes that his body was about to undergo, he began taking progress pictures each step of the way! It's a great way to visualize how much weight you've lost from state to finish, since it's difficult to spot change day to day.

Are we glad he took those progress pictures, because look at how incredible that transformation is! If this doesn't inspire you eat a salad and go to the gym, I'm not sure what will. I know I am! Granted, tomorrow I'll be back to sitting on my couch and inhaling Taco Bell, but at least I went once. Hopefully you'll be more dedicated than I am!


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