Romance Is Alive And Well For The Guy Who Loves The Girl On The Bus

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He's in love with the girl on the bus, and he found a way to tell the world. Let's just hope the girl actually calls him back.

The Most Romantic Bus in the World?

The 54A bus in Dublin just became the setting for a great romance -- possibly. Every day, the bus chugs its way from Pearse Street to Ellensborough in Dublin. And every day, a girl who has long been secretly admired is riding that bus. After one huge gesture, it's no longer a secret.

The Girl on the Bus

She rides on the 54A, she wears a fluffy hat and she has a beautiful smile. That's what the world now knows about the young woman who is the subject of this romantic sign, a truly over-the-top grand gesture that's hard to ignore. And since a picture of the sign was tweeted, the world hasn't been able to ignore it.

The no-longer-secret admirer included a phone number on the sign to receive calls from the girl in the hat, but there's no word on whether or not she responded to this literal sign of affection. Maybe she'll answer back with her own sign.

Secret Admirer

What would you do if you got a romantic gesture like this? Would you call your admirer -- or would you be creeped out? Share your answer when you share this story!



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