Sanity Break: Society Only Exists Because Of Beer

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Science is finally here to prove what we've all been suspecting.

Life wasn't exactly fun for our primitive ancestors. I mean, people today can barely survive without an iPhone in one hand and a venti Frappucino in the other. Could you imagine trying to get by without the necessities of life 13,000 years ago? They didn't even have beer!

Fortunately for them (and us), they realized that they were missing out on the greatest beverage of all time. The transition from being nomadic wanderers to agricultural communities thousands of years ago allowed us to start experimenting with foods and beverages that take a lot of time to prepare, namely beer.

When history REALLY started.

Beer wasn't just a refreshing, delicious way to have to fun for our ancient ancestors! In fact, the production of beer allowed primitive humans to easily access tons of nutrients that were hard to naturally incorporate into a diet! Folic acid, riboflavin, niacin - all byproducts of the fermentation of beer, and all nutrients that are essential in the destruction of sickness-causing pathogens. In a way, beer was healthier for them to drink than water!

Beer eventually came to be known as such an essential part of one's diet, that entire civilizations began to settle just so that they could increase beer production. The same civilizations that would develop religion, government, writing, and more! In a way, beer is responsible for civic society as we know it. 

Keep this in mind next time someone criticizes you for enjoying your favorite brew. Without beer, life as we know it wouldn't exist. You're welcome, non-beer drinkers!


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