Beautiful Brew: Match Beer to Your Favorite Pantone Color


Spanish designer Txaber is making beer beautiful!

He has taken a colorful cue from a Pantone color book in the custom package design for beer cans and bottles.

The Pantone Color Matching System is a standardized reproduction system for color use in design, manufacturing, printing, and many other things. Each Pantone color corresponds to a number and letter, or a number and name that is the same across all industries.


Pantone Color Chart

Each type of beer corresponds with a particular Pantone shade. So, if you drink beer based on its color and shade, you are in luck!

From Pale Ale (Pantone 604 C) to Imperial Stout (Pantone 426 C), the packaging labels are versatile and minimal in design. 

As Adweek points out, this is not the first time beer has been paired with color codes. The "Beertone" cards contain the RGB, CMYK and HTML codes of 202 Swiss beers. There is also a set for more than 200 Brazilian craft beers. 

You can have your designer beer, and drink it too!


Dark Ale 1815 C & Porter 1817 C

Lager 123 C & Pilsner 1375 C

Wheat Beer 7412 C & Golden Ale 1595 C

A Booze-Filled Rainbow!

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