The 24 Worst Baby Names Of The Millennium (So Far...)

RealClear Staff


And you thought your name was bad...

The neverending attempt to be 'unique' has officially gotten out of control.

1. I'm surprised they didn't spell it #.

2. Hopefully she listened to Britney and Desarae.

3. Something tells me that this one may become a problem child.

4. It's even worse when you read it backwards.

5. Letting your kids pick a name is always brilliant.

6. Well it certainly has something...

7. How unique are these baby names?

8. So'Unique!

9. You know you've picked a great baby name when multiple people say "Don't do that to her!"

10. If only someone had warned Rebluntay's parents.

11. Whose "Hyness"?

12. Yr'Hyness.

13. We get it, Game of Thrones is a good show.

14. Punched. You are considering naming your child 'Punched'.

15. And it's only original if you spell it 'Ledjend'.

16. Those are just a bunch of syllables.

17. Sing. Praises.

18. I guess it could be worse.

19. How...adorable.

20. A lot of people are going to be watching out for him with a name like Budz Kronik.

21. I can't even begin to pronounce that. Alphabet?

22. But really, is that her name?

23. The perfect name for a child that you clearly hate.

24. Though there is, perhaps, nothing more cruel than naming your child Vagena.



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