This Lavish Gingerbread House Costs More than Your Annual Salary!

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"The Most Precious Christmas Gingerbread House Ever"

Would you buy a gingerbread house that costs more than the average American salary?

Chef Georgia Green partnered with the British luxury site VeryFirstTo to create the world's most expensive gingerbread house that is a replica of your home. 

The $78,000 (£49,800) gingerbread house is made with gourmet and organic ingredients like Meridian Black Strap molasses, Ceylon cinnamon, Bacheldre Mill Flour, Steenbergs Ginge, Echire Butter, Suma raw cane sugar, Duchy eggs...

.... And REAL rubies and pearls. That doesn't even include the delivery charge!

The cookie house is topped with 150 AAAA grade South Sea Pearls and a 5 carat unheated Mozambique Ruby set within the icing. 

The house will be made in the likeness of your own home, and a £1,000 ($1,565) donation will be made to The Prince’s Trust charity in the United Kingdom.



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