9 Frightening Facts About The Man Who Drank 10 Cokes Per Day For A Month

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How much sugar is okay to consume a day? It's a question many people ask, especially those of us who are soda drinkers. 

Los Angeles man, George Prior, decided to create a DIY Supersize Me with Coca-Cola just to find out what all that sugar does to our bodies. 

He started a blog and began monitoring what happened when he went to an almost all-soda diet. The devestating effects are catching a lot of attention.

10 Cokes a Day

Prior set out to consume 10 cans of Coca-Cola every day. 

30 Days

He made a goal for himself, to document what would happen if he drank those 10 Cokes for 30 days. The results were more surprising than Prior expected.

1400 Calories

Prior's focus was on what the sugar in soda does to our bodies, but the added calories turned out to be substantial, when 1,400 calories of your daily diet come from nothing but Coke.

23 Pounds

Diligently weighing himself daily and writing about it, Prior nearly gained a pound a day, finally stopping at an astounding 23 pound gain. 

Body Fat Increase

He also measured his bodily fat and found a whopping 65% increase after the month was over.

Blood Pressure

Prior also measured his blood pressure. He went from a normal level to being hypertensive with a 145/96.

Hunger Games

Not surprising, with that caloric bump, Prior reported that he didn't feel hungry for other food, further spiraling his diet into the dumps without healthy food options to balance out his Coke intake. 

The Aftermath

Prior's plan for his post-Coke life are working well. He's been getting tons of attention from media outlets and has said many people have contacted him saying how they want to change their sugar intake for the better. 


Now, Prior is chronicling his recovery and his attempt to get healthy again. He gleefully details his no-carb, steak heavy current diet. No soda, either. 

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