10 Weird & Wacky Hangover Cures from Around the Wolrd

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Ughh Never Again...

Ahhh the hangover.

It's something we have all been through at one point or another— whether it's during college, over the holidays, or every single weekend, the feeling is familiar.

Is there a cure for hangovers? Everyone has their own method to help themselves feel better/ functional, and some are weirder than others.

Here are the strangest and grossest hangover remedies from around the world. Let us know if they work!

1. Buffalo Milk, Namibia

The buffalo milk cure is NOT actually milk from a buffalo.

Buffalo milk is a concoction drank in Namibia, Africa and it is an alcoholic float made with ice cream, dark rum, cream liqueur, spiced rum, and whole cream.

2. Voodoo, Haiti

It is rumored that Haitian voodoo practitioners get violent with their hangover cures— they stick 13 black-headed pins into the cork of the bottle that did that to them. 

I wonder if it actually works....?

3. Tripe Soup, Turkey, Mexico, Bulgaria, etc.

Tripe soup is a popular hangover cure everywhere from Mexico to Romania to Turkey, and beyond! 

Tripe is the stomach and innards from a cow, lamb, or pig, spiced with lots of onions, garlic, and sometimes cream.

4. Sheep Lungs, Ancient Greece

Ancient Greeks treated their hangovers with a breakfast of sheep lungs and owl eggs. 

A more exotic version of our modern bacon and eggs, perhaps? 

5. Canaries, Ancient Rome

According to some sources, deep fried canaries were a hangover cure choice for the rich Ancient Romans.

After they indulged in too much wine, they supposedly devoured deep fried canaries. The small birds were deep fried simply with oil, salt, and pepper and served to the upper echelon. 

6. Umeboshi, Japan

Umeboshi is a pickled, dried ume fruit, which is similar to a plum or apricot. 

It is SO pickled it is almost too sour to eat on its own. Some people steep it in green tea and then drink it to lessen the taste of the pickling.

7. Raw Eggs, USA

Raw egg, also called a Prairie Oyster in the Western USA is a popular variation of a hangover cure. It includes a whole raw egg, Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, and salt and pepper.

Optional ingredients include a shot of vodka, ketchup or tomato juice, and sometimes vinegar.

8. Poutine, Canada

Poutine is Canadian food staple, and a super popular hangover remedy. 

It is a bowl of thick-cut french fries, with chunks of gooey cheese curds, smothered in gravy.

9. Dried Bull Penis, Sicily

Yes, dried bull penis or pizzle. It's for chewing! 

An old school remedy that isn't too popular nowadays, Sicilians with hangovers would chew on dried bull penis. It restored virility and cured one's hangover, but where would one get a dried bull penis?

10. Bloody Mary/ Hair of the Dog, USA

Sometimes the best way to get rid of (or head off) a hangover is to keep on drinking. Taking the edge off the next day with the "hair of the dog" is common practice. Bloody Marys and Mimosas are brunch staples.

Obviously, a Bloody Mary is spicy tomato juice cocktail made with vodka and lots of garnishes like olives, celery, pickles, and more! 

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