6 Hilarious Reasons Runners Will Want to Buy a Tomato Robot

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Runners, Marathoners and folks just running really late to work need to pay attention. Japanese tomato juice company Kagome is here to help. 

With a robot.

A robot that feeds you tomatoes while you run, actually. 

For real. And it's actually a pretty good idea. Here's why:

1. Tomatoes are a Runner's Best Friend

Before we jump into the robot craziness, let's pause and understand that this creation is here to help. The water, vitamins and nutrients packed inside a bright red tomato are exactly the kind of thing that helps runners fight fatigue!

Still not convinced? Well, take into consideration that...

2. It's Cute

Seriously, that thing's adorable. Who wouldn't love having a robotic cutie pie along for the ride? Especially one that helps you fight fatigue! 

Above, that's an employee of the company running a 5k. He seems psyched, right?

3. It's Pretty Seamless

Tomotan is pretty smooth. When you need a boost of energy, you flip a switch on his foot and he lifts a tomato from his pack and holds it for you to eat. Hands free, unlike all those other tomato-feeding robots you've wasted money on in the past! 

4. It's Really Heavy

Stick with us here. 

Sure, Tomotan is cute and handy in a tomato-eating sorta way. But he also weighs a ton. 18 pounds to be exact. While that might sound like a turnoff at first, it's a great thing for your legs and heart. 

A little extra weight training will have you buff. Plus, with all that added tomatofied energy you'll be burning off you'll probably never even notice the robot. 

5. Yes, There's a Smaller Version for Quitters

Okay, fine. You like the idea of tomatoes while running, but aren't into adorable cyborgs feeding them to you during a marathon. Fair enough. Your loss. 

Kagome has you covered with the Petit-Tomatan. That's a 6-pound model seen above. The catch? You have to feed the tomatoes to yourself...like a sucker. 

6. It Will be Epic

Watch this video and just try to admit this wouldn't be a weirdly wonderful time. 

Our only advice would be to avoid wearing a white shirt while on the jog. Tomato stains are hell to get out. Maybe they'll invent a robot for that, too? 

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