15 Fearless Fathers At The Mercy Of Their Child's Fashion Sense

RealClear Staff


"Dad of the Year" awards all around!

Because every day is Halloween when you have an expressive toddler.

1. This movie theatre princess.

2. These protectors of the local mall.

3. Well someone had to be Little Red Riding Hood.

4. Just like how someone had to be Elsa.

5. Leia, too.

6. "Star Wars" seems to be quite the popular theme.

7. As are capes.

8. They're pretty much everywhere.

9. Every prince needs a princess.

10. How else are you supposed to dress for a trampoline park?

11. Sometimes dressing up is a family affair.

12. Who says that there can't be two Captain Americas?

13. Or Spider-Men?

14. Or even Wonder Women?

15. The best parents support their child's clothing choices. No exceptions.

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