18 Board Games That Prove How Weird the 80s Really Were

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It's not a stretch to say the 1980s were a weird time. But maybe the place where the goofiness of the ME decade came alive most were its board games. 

Technology was right on the cusp of wiping old fashioned entertainment like this off the map, so game makers tried adding a little razzle-dazzle with often hilariously odd results. 

1. Mr. Pop!

Also commonly known as Mr. Forgot-to-Take-His-Blood-Pressure-Medication.

2. Vanilla Ice Rap Game

Hard to believe this is the same, simple guy who pretends to be Amish nowadays. 

3. I Vant to Bite Your Finger

That vampire would have so many restraining orders against him in this day and age.

Turns out the title isn't even the weirdest part about this game. (See below)

4. Murder, She Wrote

All the boredom of the Angela Lansbury classic, except you have to do all the work. 

5. Mr. T

We actually remember playing this one. You got extra points for helping old ladies cross the street and doing your homework. What a thriller!

6. VCR Basketball

When a game's most exciting special feature is "Make your own free throw shots" it's time to go back to the drawing board. 

7. Electronic Dream Phone

This was a huge leap forward after the failure of "Rotary Dream Phone."


For those people who thought LIFE just wasn't 80s enough, comes this bizarre gem. 

9. Monster Mash

We can only imagine this game was taken off store shelves due to the cess pool of germs left behind from kids licking the suction cups. 

10. Home Alone

Sadly, it didn't come with firecrackers and a soup pot. 

11. Bed Bugs

It's all fun and games until 30 years later when bed bugs become a serious worry for parents. 

12. Mall Madness

Sorry, GO FOR IT!, you have lost the title of Most 80s Game Ever. 

13. Pizza Party

For the record: Pizza Party's theme song is still stuck in our head 29 years after the fact. 

14. Knight Rider

How they could make a game about David Hasselhoff and a talking car look about as exciting paint drying is beyond comprehension. 

15. Dukes of Hazzard Card Game

Once again...was there some kind of contest to take exciting car shows on TV and make them into horrible games?

16. Frogger

All of the car-leaping fun of the amazing video game for parents who were too cheap to buy said amazing video game. 

17. Full House

Bad news, you pulled the Kimmy Gibler card. 

18. Shark Attack

Kids today will never appreciate the fun of board games about being eaten alive. (Sigh)

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