Her Dad Died Months Before Her Wedding. What Her Brother Did Shocked Her And Made Everyone Cry.

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The internet is known for a lot of things: cat videos, ice bucket challenges, cute laughing babies. These things are very entertaining but every so often you come across a special video that just takes your breath away, stifling you with all the feels.

The wedding video below is one such video. It starts off with a heart wrenching story by the Bride's brother about the death of their father. Some tears flowed but the tears quickly turned to smiles when the bride's brother honored their late father in the most touching way ever.

He planned a special Father and Daughter dance for his sister. He recorded a special song and she danced with the men in her family. Andrea’s first dance was with her grandfather, followed by her brothers and her new father-in-law. 

This was just beautiful!


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