13 Surefire Hangover Cures (Depending on What Part of the World You're Waking Up In)

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Wake up somewhere on this lonely planet with the weight of the world on your head? Here are some local recipes to get you back up and at 'em...

1. Bloody Mary

The spiced-up mix of tomato juice, vodka, horse radish, Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco sauce and various vegetable garnishments such as celery and olives is said to have  originated in the 1920s at Harry’s Bar, the American expatriate bar in Paris frequented by Ernest Hemingway and F. Scott Fitzgerald. Those guys knew hangovers.

2. Prairie Oyster

Best consumed in a single quick gulp, this concoction of raw eggs, Worcestershire sauce, and Tabasco harks back to the days of Pliny the Elder, the ancient Roman who advocated raw owl’s eggs in wine. (He also  suggested a decapitated fried canary, dusted with salt and pepper. We'll ignore that one.)

3. Eggs Benedict

The breakfast staple that consists of two halves of an English muffin, topped with ham, bacon, poached eggs and hollandaise sauce is said to have been invented on the spot in 1894 after a night on the town by Wall Street stockbroker Lemuel Benedict, who was breakfasting with a crashing headache at New York City’s Waldorf Hotel. 

4. Coca-Cola

Not so much now, of course, but John Pemberton’s Coca-Cola, which hit the market in 1886, reportedly began life as a hangover cure. Makes sense, given its original hefty content of caffeine and cocaine.

5. Umeboshi

These Japanese pickled plums were thought by the samurai to combat battle fatigue. Now Japanese drinkers swear by it the morning after.

6. Green Ant Tea

Yes. Real ants, and ant nests. In tea.

This is Australia's contribution to hangover remedies.

7. The Canadian Hangover Cure

Start with a heaping helping of poutine, add a dish of French fries, and top with cheese curds and a slathering of gravy. 

8. Pickled Herring

The Germans came up with this one. It's a pickled herring fillet wrapped around pickled cucumber and onion. 

9. Pancita

Wake up in Tijuana with a crashing headache and no memory of the night before? Try the Mexican hangover cure of pancita, also known as menudo, a rich, spicy soup made of beef tripe, slowly cooked in broth with tomatoes and chillies until buttery and tender.

10. Tiger's Milk and Ceviche

If you wake up on the beach in Lima, Peru, with a smashing hangover, Leche de tigre (tiger’s milk), the citrus-based marinade used in ceviche, Peru’s national dish of raw fish, is said to cure all hangover ills. 

11. Haejang Guk

Haejang guk is literally Korean for “soup to chase away a hangover.” And as you can tell by the photo above, this is a Navy SEAL-like invasion of your 10-too-many soju hangover,  utilizing a shock-and-awe of bone-based broth enriched with meat, cabbage, vegetables and congealed ox blood.

12. Bak Kut Teh

In Malaysia, bak kut teh is literally “pork bones tea,” but it's not tea. It's actually another delicious, health-restoring Asian broth. Pork ribs are slow-braised in a clay pot with a blend of Chinese herbs and spices, from star anise, cinnamon to whole bulbs of garlic and ginseng. A huge bowl of the rich dark soup contains deep-fried tofu puffs and a thick, black soy dipping sauce with chopped red chillies. The locals in party-hardy Kuala Lumpur also  order a side-dish of pork liver and tripe for good measure.

13. Vodka

In true hair-of-the-dog fashion, if all else fails, try the Mongolian method. The cure for a night of vodka drinking the next morning is, well, more vodka! Coupla tea bowls full will get you motivated to face the rest of the day -- so say the Mongolians.


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