Buy a Former Government Missile Silo, and Live the Doomsday Dream

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The U.S. government has often been accused of being wasteful, but isn't this proof that the military knows how to be thrifty as well? Rather than let a bunch of missile silos, bunkers and underground buildings go to rot, they're selling them to private buyers. So...don't you want to live in your very own government missile silo?

There are more than 60 different properties for sale as of January 2015, which range from camped survival capsules to a large luxury bunker. There's more than one communications bunker for sale, and you can even purchase the mysteries Atlas E site in Kansas.

If you're in the market for a missile silo, there are several companies that specialize in the niche. But you'd be surprised at how easy it is to buy a former government building -- you can sometimes find these old silos for sale on eBay.

What's the appeal of owning a missile silo? For starters, they're built to withstand serious firepower and will protect you from a nuclear explosion. Any doomsday prepper would be pretty pleased with that feature. The trouble is, many of these old structures now available on the market were built in the early 1960s at the height of Cold War paranoia. Some have since been vandalized, flooded and abandoned. Many of the properties on the market are fixer-uppers. But if the idea of living surrounded by concrete deep underground doesn't faze you, an old missile silo could be a dream home.

And though the price tag seems extreme -- Atlas E will cost you a cool $400,000 -- these structures cost millions of taxpayer dollars to build 50 years ago. That means anything under 1 million is a huge discount. 

Private sellers are now attempting to resell their underground former government facilities, but the government didn't make much profit from selling them the first time around. One 23-acre silo complex was sold for $1 to the city of Black Brook. Some farmers in the midwest buy silos to use them as wells for livestock. One town built an ice skating rink on top of their old silo. Some silo-owners, however, absolutely love their lives underground. Due to post-Cold War agreements, the U.S. government must either sell or destroy many of these old silos. New technology has rendered them all but obsolete by military standards anyway. Due to ground-penetrating equipment, mobile missile storage units are much safer than these underground structures. That makes them useless for almost everything -- except day-to-day living.



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