Medical Mystery: 12-Year-Old Boy May be First in History With This Illness That Has Left Doctors Baffled

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In this day and age, when people are diagnosed with a disease they are usually not alone. There are usually thousands, maybe even millions of people suffering from the same disease but 12-year-old Landon Jones from Iowa suffers from a disease so rare that doctors believe that he may be the only one on the planet who has it.

His disease doesn't have a name but the rare medical condition basically destroys a person's impulses to eat and drink.

According to the De Mines Register, the 12-year-old was afflicted with the strange condition after waking up sick in the middle of the night about a year ago. His family said he kept coughing up phlegm after a day of riding his bicycle and eating ice cream and pizza.

"Something happened in the middle of the night," his father, Michael said, "and he woke up this way, and it hasn't stopped."

Doctors examined the boy and found a bacterial infection in his left lung which they quickly eradicated but since then the boy's appetite has basically become non existent. He visited an array of doctors but none of them could find a cure for the boy's disease.

Landon is going to have a really tough teenage life without an appetite especially when puberty hits. Because if it's one thing I remember about my teenage years was my incredibly high appetite. 

I'm no doctor but I'm sure there's a cure. I hope there's a cure.



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