He Always Pours A Pot Of Boiling Water On His Front Lawn. The Reason Why? Just Brilliant

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It’s almost time for summer....

And that means breaking out the barbecue and planning for some outdoor eating!

But first you will want to take precautions so as not to have unwanted guests show up, and eat up, all of your food. I’m talking about ANTS! Totally annoying and a major buzz kill to any outdoor eating situation. They even can invade your indoor situation as well during the summer months. Thankfully there are ways to completely prevent these pests from invading, and no, you don’t have to use nasty chemicals to spray all over the place. Many items you will already have readily available to you, and others you will want to stock up on for the inevitable invasion. Vinegar, water, and cayenne pepper are a few very effective combatants to use against the ant invasion.

Then there are other tips that are surprisingly very effective for preventing ants to show up in the first place. Rinsing out recyclables is a good preventive measure for example. There’s also a very cool picnic trick using pie tins and water, which will prevent the intruders from ruining your day at the park. Check out all of these awesome tips for getting rid of ants once and for all! Make it your mission to have an ant-free summer this season!

Share these tips with friends and family so they too can be ant-free for the coming summer months!



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