She Hated Her Laminate Counters, But Had Less Than $100 To Spend. So She Spread THIS All Over Them!

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DIY Concrete Countertops

First thing, gather all the supplies:

Ardex Feather Finish (they used two bags)
Fine/Medium/Coarse Sandpaper
Hand Sander (optional)
Several Sizes and Widths of Putty Knives and Drywall Knives
Disposable Containers to Mix Concrete
Concrete Sealer (try to find food safe sealer, if you can)
Painter's tape
Paint Roller

STEP ONE: Wash Down The Counters!

STEP TWO: Sand The Countertops

They note that the cement will adhere better to a rough surface! Then clean with a clean damp cloth and let dry!

STEP THREE: Prepare The Cement And Start Spreading!

These Are The Items They Used And How The Coating Should Look!


STEP FOUR: Allow The First Layer To Dry For 24 Hours!

Then sand it down with medium grade sandpaper and prepare for another coat. It doesn't have to be smooth as butter, it just needs to be sufficient enough so no portions of the countertop is higher than other portions. They used a shop vacuum to get all the dust off before preparing for another coat. They used three coats for their project, and left 24 hours for drying and sanding in between.

STEP FIVE: After The Final Coat, Sand The Surface As Smooth As Possible

They used a hand sander for this step, and spent SEVERAL hours, just sanding the surface. They state that the hand sander is optional, but whatever you decide to use, make sure that it is a nice and smooth surface when you are done.

STEP SIX: Use The Shop Vacuum To Remove All The Dust!

STEP SEVEN: Use 3 Coats Of Water-Based Satin Finish Sealer!

After the sealer was done, they re-installed the sink.

The STUNNING Results!




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