For Two Days, This Swarm Of Bees Attacks This Woman’s Car. Then She Discovers Why When She Looks In The Trunk.

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Carole Howarth is a woman who discovered she had something of a problem after returning to her car after a bit of shopping – thousands of bees were swarming the rear of it!

The scene was so spectacular that she quickly drew the attention of random bystanders.

Tom Moses, a local man in the area, had something to say about his own encounter with the swarm: “It was spectacular! I drove past and just saw this huge brown blob. Many people stopped and took photos.”

Tom knew that the fact that the vehicle was parked right outside the pub was bad news for the bees, so he contacted some bee catchers to come and help out!

Luckily they managed to box away most of the bees and Carole was able to take her car home. By the time the next day rolled around she went out to check on the car and discovered that most of the swarm had come back! So, once again she contacted the beekeepers to come box them up and take them away.

According to Roger Burns, one of the beekeepers to aid Carole, “We think the bee queen was attracted by something in the car, probably something sweet. Then she got caught in a space between plastic coverings on the windshield wipers. The swarm of about 20000 bees followed her and gathered at the trunk of the car.”

They DID manage to save the queen in the end, but I’m just happy nothing ended up happening that could harm the bees themselves. I’m not sure what I would do without honey…



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