"It All Comes Back To 'Ghostbusters'"

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Revisiting an old VHS-tape-recorded montage, UK writer/director Ross Sutherland takes 20th Century media clips he used to watch as a child with his grandfather and turns them into a poetic, nostalgic journey.


When Sutherland and other contemporary artists mix spoken word, memories and/or thoughts with today’s television shows and movies, hidden meanings are often discovered within these concoctions—present-day programming is then given existential value. Original thought is seemingly cheapened, as it’s diluted with pop-culture media. On an everyday level, people ultimately have nothing deep and meaningful to say.

Extract From Film

Because contemporary media is given philosophical significance (rather than artists such as Rembrandt, Picasso and Dali), future generations might view current directors as timelessly great artists—it’s happening already. Society’s collective state of mind is ultimately degrading to a point where pre-fabricated media ultimately dictates how people think, feel and believe. Real heroes (e.g., firemen) are replaced with fictional characters possessing beyond-exemplary personas and abilities virtually unobtainable by the common human—a plastic world culturally governed by shallow values. While cult cinema and hit television definitely has their place in society, do these mediums deserve to be among historically renowned artists?



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